Friday, 19 December 2008

Inquiry Conclusion

Sorry no pictures. The cameras all had to be returned to the Library for storage over the holidays.
We presented our conclusions to our inquiry investigations yesterday. We have found out a lot and we also worked really well together to gather information.

The Gardens group. We began thinking Rabbits would beautify our school but after researching what Rabbits do and how much looking after they would need we decided it would better to look at growing eatable gardens. Rabbits need to eat too.

Lizards group thought building an enclosure would be a good idea. With the idea of being a rescue shelter for lizards. After some, a lot of research, we have found it would be better to create gardens in areas in the school that lizards would like to live in.

Maps and signs group had some fantastic ideas! A map at the entrance of the school so visitors can find where everything is in the school. A big sign pointing where the school is. Signs labeling the different buildings in the school.

Worm farm group emailed the council and found different websites on the internet. Thier research found out a lot of information about what kind of worms and what they do.

Good Work! It was very impressive to see the different things each group found out that could beautify our school. The children have lots of great ideas they will be able to take to their new classes next year.

Friday, 5 December 2008

We put our poems to music!

Students from Room 21, year 5/6 students, helped us today to put our poetry we have written to music. We used the Mac computers and the Garageband programme.
Our written poems are in our Learning Journals for you to enjoy Mums and Dads!

How to Swim

By Thomas

Circle our arms

that's how to stroke,

but make sure your woke.

My favourite thing is to dive

or how about five!

Kick your legs back and forward

like your on a boogie board.

What I learnt about making paper

I learnt that you can make coloured paper. Josh

I learnt that you had to rip newspaper up in little bites and leave it over night until it has soaked. Paris

I learnt that paper isn't just in factories. Cole

I learnt you have to use newspaper. Britta

It is a very messy job! Isabella

I learnt newspaper can turn into new paper! Kane

You can make new things out of all things. Lexi

To put glitter on coloured paper. Tyra

I learnt that I can recycle old paper! Katelynd