Friday, 29 August 2008

What it takes to be a winner!

This Photo Story has been made by Hannah and Katelynd.

They have done a really good job in presenting this.

There are some mistakes but I couldn't edit it because they had deleted the editing file!

Josh's thoughts about Queenstown School

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sharing with the Junior School

Josh shared his PhotoStory with Mr Western. Mr Western suggested that Josh share his wonderful reading with the Junior School. We couldn't on Friday because Hugo was away but we have made a time with Room 1 next week.

Mr Western's suggestion has sparked us to share everyone's PhotoStories with the Junior School. We thought that if the Junior School liked what we have made that they might like us to make some using their Learning Media Readers. Also as our Key Competency is 'Relating to Others', we are extending our umbrella and including the Junior School into our learning.

Isabella, Britta and Colin took a timetable around the Junior school and asked who would like to see what Room 23 have been doing. They then went back at those times and showed our Talking Books. They even taught the teachers some things on the computer! Room 23 are very good at getting around the school network, I can tell you! The Junior School were very impressed with our work and have asked if we can teach their children to also make these talking books! WOW!

In our reading activities each day we are going to now make talking books. We have made a rubric that will help us to make really good talking books. We will also help the Juniors to make their own talking books. Great for building confidence and fluency in reading. What a wonderful 'Big Idea'! Lets watch it grow!

Welcome Josh

We welcomed Josh into our class this week. Wonderful to see him settling in and making new friends.
In Reading this week he made a PhotoStory with Hugo's help.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Make Your Own Maths Worksheets
Download this free program and you can create your own basic facts worksheets to practice at home.

Great idea for anyone looking for some extra homework!


Snowfarm Trip
We go with Room 16 NEXT MONDAY, August 25.Please remember this important information:
Listen to the radio at 7am for cancellations
Be in class by 7.45
Bus leaves at 8am
We return to school by 5pm-please arrange to pick up you child

full ski outfit and helmet (boots and skis will be provided)
big lunch
plastic bag
spare socks

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Week 3

Wow! This week has been busy with the 3 way conferences included. Thank you for taking the time to come in and to talk about your child's progress. If you missed out and would like to see me just let me know.

Thanks to the parents who have been in to help in class this week. If you have some time spare anytime after 11pm please just pop in. You will get a job!

Congratulations to Colin and Kiky for receiving awards in assembly this week!

We welcome Josh into our class today and look forward to having him as part of our team.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, 1 August 2008

Week 2

We have worked our way through the Essential Spelling Lists this week. Still a lot of work needed to get those words consolidated. This term we will work on these lists again. The children will write their weekly spelling words into their spelling books and there will be a spelling test at the end of the week. There may be some words they know but that is fine because I want them to really get to know these words so that in their writing they will not need to look them up or get them wrong. We are also learning the spelling strategies in the Joy Elcock's 'Spell It!' programme.

Congratulations Gavin and Kane receiving awards this week in Assembly. Wonderful to see you both really trying in class.

Ice Skating went well. Thank you parents for turning up to take the children down to the rink.

Learning Journals. Please send these back to school.

Have a great week!