Friday, 31 October 2008

Yaaaayyyy! We have Melaine Bear!

We did it! For the first time this year we have made a good impression with Mr Hamilton during the weekly music lesson and we have got Melaine Bear for the whole week! She is lounging in our star chair over the weekend. Hope she likes it in our classroom and wants to stay.
Congratulation to Ashley and Cole for getting certificates this week. You have both been trying really hard to be switched on in class. Awesome!!!!
We have ben working on our inquiry this week, 'Beautifying our School'. Outside our classroom in the cloakbay are some maps of our school. If anyone has a suggestion please either email, post a comment or write onto our maps when you are visiting the classroom.
Don't forget the Gear Sale at School tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!

Weekly Goal Setting

Each Friday we set our goals for the next week. Some of us think being good or not being naughty is a really good goal. We are learning to think about what being good means or sitting on the mat nicely means and trying to come up with learning goals. Here are some goals set for next week:

Samantha: Use a dictionary and check my writing.
Petra: Check my writing and use a dictionary.
Hannah: get better at finding things on the internet.
Colin: Write neater. Capital letters, check spelling.
Kiki: getting my reading worksheets finished. Read every night.
Britta: Capital letters at the start of the sentence. Look in the dictionary.
Kane: Do my homework every night and prove I am good at something like maths.
Freddie: find things easier on the computer. Write neater.
Lachie: write better stories and write neater.
Cole: Be neater in all my work.
Paris: Do my homework every night.

Freaky Friday!


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Wow! Bevan Docharty came to our school

This report was made by Hannah.

Well done Lachie. Good report from you too!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Extra Homework Sites

Make Your Own Maths WorksheetsDownload this free program and you can create your own basic facts worksheets to practice at home.

There are lots of great websites to visit to have fun and at the same time getfaster at doing basic facts. Get really speedy at + and - to 10 then practise to 20.Blast the sums that come down like space invaders. Great for getting fast at addition!
Don't get slimed! Get fast at subtraction instead!
To make your own quizzes and worksheets, go to:

Learn how to type: might also be interested in TuxPaint and TuxMaths as well. Enjoy

This link takes you to NZ Maths Families. Help and support for you at home:
Wicked Maths:
Interactive maths activities:

English Online. A New Zealand Ministry site:

Term Newsletter

  • 13 October 2008

    Dear Parents/Caregivers and Children

    Term 4 already, where has the year gone!

    Events this term:
    * Athletics day 29 October
    * Middle school swimming 24 November – 12 December (every day in High School pool).
    * Pet afternoon 28 November

    The Key Competency this term we are learning about is Thinking:
    I know when I am thinking when I think about my writing and how to make it better. I check if it makes sense. Go back and read it again. Take time to think about things.
    Inquiry Topic: How to beautify our school.
  • Reading every day. If your child has not brought home a book get them to read to you a book they have at home. Remember reading to you improves fluency, expression and comprehension.
    Spelling. A list of 6 weekly words. Each word is to be put into a full sentence and learnt. Spelling tests are each Friday.
  • Maths will also be glued into their homework books and to be completed by the end of the week.
  • Oral Language homework focus for this term:
    1 Holiday news
    2 Present a Poem- find or write a poem to recite to the class
    3 Own news
    4 Amazing Discoveries
    5 Own news
    6 Out of Africa - choose an animal, country or person from Africa and tell us about it.
    7 Own news
    8 A-Z Speeches
    9 Own news
    10 Christmas: If I could have one wish for Christmas it would be….

    Extra Homework. If you think your child needs more homework you will find something on the websites listed on our class blog. Or there are really good books in the local book stores but please remember children also learn through play too and it is important they have time just to play. There is plenty of homework going home in the bookbag each day.

    Remember parents are always welcome to come in anytime if you want to talk or help out in the classroom.

    Cyndi Kruijer