Friday, 25 July 2008


This term everyone in the class will make a PhotoStory of themselves reading a book as we are working on fluency and expression while we read. This requires knowing the story really well and this means using the 3 P's. Practise, practise, practise and read the same book more than once!

Copyright does not allow us to copy a full book in any way with the exception of the Learning Media publications. We have only recorded a chapter of chapter books like these ones.

Term 3

Welcome back!
This term is already shaping up to be a busy term. Hope you all got the newsletter.


Week 2: Find an interesting newspaper article about the Olympics and share with the class who, what, when, where and why.
Week 3: OWN NEWS
Week 4: Dynamic dinosaurs
Week 5: OWN NEWS
Week 6: Choose a topic. Research, write and present to the class with a static image.
Week 7: OWN NEWS
Week 8: Conservation Week: Invent something that will help keep the world clean and green.
Week 9: OWN NEWS
Week 10: Jokes, jokes, jokes. Find or write a joke to share with the class.

As well there will be a book to read every night and maths homework. Check the homework book.
I am doing spelling tests next week when everyone is in the class and then spelling will start to come home.

Three Way Conferences are on Tuesday 5 and Thursday 7 August. Please make an appointment with the office.

Ice Skating starts this Monday 28 July for the next 3 Monday's. We go at 1.15. Parents who are helping with the transport please be at the classroom at 1.15pm. The children know what they should be wearing, please check they know. (Managing themselves, Key Competency)

We are going crosscountry skiing at the Snow Farm! Excellent fun! More details will come home soon. We are going after ice skating has finished.

The Key Competency we are learning about this term is RELATING TO OTHERS.
We have to think how to relate to others in the playground and the classroom.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Room 23 STOMP!

Thank you Colin's Mum and Dad who took a video of our STOMP act. See it here:

The opening:
The closing:

More experiments!

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Science Experiments

Look at our cool science experiments.

Book Week

Busy time last week and it was fantastic to have parents come in and read to the children. Here is a big thank you to you!