Wednesday, 19 November 2008

How to?

Wow, our inquiry is going really well!
In the classroom you can see the experiements we have been looking at.
How to plant a sunflower. How much dirt does it need? Does it need light? How much water? Does it need water to grow?

Wanaka Waste Busters visited again and this time we planted a spud in a bucket. Not an ordinary spud though.
Photos taken by Hannah

Simon has also visited us again. He helped us to brainstorm all the things we think will beautify our school and then we voted what we thought we would like to do. We split into groups and 'Action Planned' how we are going to do it. We think we will need some help too!
Photos taken by Colin.

We need to write letters to some people to ask about how we are going to do some of the things. To write the letters we need PAPER! We have researched how to make paper and are now making paper in the classroom. Lexi's mum is helping too.

Lachie, Matthew and Ruben found this website. How to make recycled paper:

Lexi and Katelynd found this site. It also explains how to reuse and reduce paper waste:

Watch this video:

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